inFAMOUS: Anarchy drops you into the post-apocalyptic world of Empire City. While Cole, Dr. Sebastian Wolfe and NSA Agent Lucy Kuo head toward New Marais to stop The Beast, you are left in a city that is in ruin.

As new life starts to find its way into Empire City, this is your chance to clean up the streets. Using powers similar to Cole’s, you fight your way through quests and missions, clean up districts, pummel rivals, and build up your own faction.

As you rise to the top, the only question is “will you become the next savior … or villain?” It’s your choice. Here’s a few of the features:

> Complete tons of quests and missions;

> Clean up the districts one by one – the Airfield, the Dockyard, the French Quarter, the Swamps, the Casino and more;

> Increase your powers with skill points and wearable items;

> Build up your own personal faction, battle rivals and show them who’s boss;

> Create and personalize your own district;

> Take care of your battery farm and it will take care of you;

> Make moral choices along the way. Good or evil? It’s all up to you.

> And here’s something really cool - by playing inFAMOUS: Anarchy and leveling up, you can unlock cool skins within inFAMOUS2 PS3.

inFAMOUS: Anarchy has launched on the FACEBOOK platform. Get in now and get ahead of your friends!

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