GTFO, you sparkling posers!

Hey there! Resident 'crat War Clown here, with a bit of news! Sucker Punch announces at 'GamesCom 2011, that they'll be releasing some hot new DLC for good ol' Cole MacGrath, and guess what it involves: VAMPIRES! (and not the sparkling ones either!)

Sucker Punch has announced the Festival of Blood DLC for inFamous 2! The city of New Marais has been invaded by vampires, and has turned Cole MacGrath into a vampire! He has one night to turn himself back into his former human state, by killing the Head Vampire. Set release date is October 2011, so mark them calendars, people! Vampires will never be the same again!

Teaser Trailer can be found here.

09:28, August 17, 2011 (UTC)

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