Hey there! Anchorman Jack White here, with the latest updates regarding the electric man Cole MacGrath, and what he's been up to as of late!

Cole's got the Moves (like Jagger)!

Yes folks, Sony has announced that the new Festival of Blood download pack will feature compatibility with the PlayStation Move! Now you can really get into the swing of things when in New Marais. Along with the built-in support also comes an update for inFamous 2 once it launches this 25th of October! So save up your money and mark them calendars!

Source: Right here
(Original link from Kelan517)

Cole shows Ryu and Ken how he rolls!


....and pose!

A gameplay video on the PlayStation Vita platform has been released that showcases Cole MacGrath's moves and combos in the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken!

Wielding the Amp and his arsenal of powers, Cole teams up with Tekken veteran (and coincidentally, fellow electric man) Kazuya Mishima in a fight against Ryu and Ken Masters of Street Fighter!

Get front row seats to the fight here!
(Original link from OverCross)

And that's the latest updates and news regarding your favorite series! Tune in next time, I'm Jack White, signing off.
09:36, September 17, 2011 (UTC)

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