I was one of the users who helped rebuild this wiki's layout before InFamous 2 was released. Since I am a PC gamer, I didn't know much about the inFamous series. Most of you might know me from here or Prototype Wiki and Assassin's Creed Wiki. I was mostly inactive except responding to vandalism. Now on behalf of a user's request I have decided to help here. I am willing to let my bot VatsaAWB work here. It is capable of mass deletion, correcting typos, re-categorising and renaming. It can also do a lot more if required. I have used it to work here for fix typos from multiple articles a few days ago. In order to continue, I'll have to get it flagged to avoid flooding the Recent Changes and Wiki Activity. You can find its contributions across most wikis here.

If you guys agree for this bot to work here, then vote on its talk page..

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