• Vatsa1708

    Bot flag

    April 4, 2012 by Vatsa1708


    I was one of the users who helped rebuild this wiki's layout before InFamous 2 was released. Since I am a PC gamer, I didn't know much about the inFamous series. Most of you might know me from here or Prototype Wiki and Assassin's Creed Wiki. I was mostly inactive except responding to vandalism. Now on behalf of a user's request I have decided to help here. I am willing to let my bot VatsaAWB work here. It is capable of mass deletion, correcting typos, re-categorising and renaming. It can also do a lot more if required. I have used it to work here for fix typos from multiple articles a few days ago. In order to continue, I'll have to get it flagged to avoid flooding the Recent Changes and Wiki Activity. You can find its contributions ac…

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