Just a little trick I found while playing inFamous. I couldn't find it anywhere else on the internet, so there you have it. Recommended for contributors with video game capture devices.

The good news is: this does work on every inFamous game from seventh generation, including inFamous 2 and Festival of Blood. Unfortunately, you can't actually play the game with a disabled Heads-Up Display. But hey, it is a great method for making proper screenshots, which could be used to improve some articles.

If you want to completely clear your screen from Heads-Up Display before making a screen capture, follow these steps:

  1. Just play the game.
  2. Open XMB menu. You may notice, that HUD has disappeared.
  3. Press and hold triangle button.
  4. Leave XMB menu, without releasing a triangle button.
  5. Profit! The game is still paused, and no HUD is present. You can now make a screenshot with your device.
  6. If you want to unfreeze the game, just release a triangle button. Note: a HUD will appear.

That's all for now, folks! Hope somebody will found this useful.

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