• ToxicGhost64

    Okay listen, who thinks that Cole Macgrath, the man who was able to save the world and kill himself in the process, should come back? Personally, I think he shouldn't. It wouldn't make any sense. Now don't get me wrong, Cole was a badass, but he had to die for a reason. There was no way out. He either became the monster he tried to stop, or wipe the entire Conduit race.

    Now off that note, I think that the story of the next installment of InFamous should have a new hero (Delsin is cool and all, but you can't really build much off of him unless you pick the GOOD ENDING.) The new character should have Zeke as his/her first partner in the game. Your character and Zeke go to a city that is NOT REAL. It would give the designers flexibility and coul…

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