after studying two paticular pictures and connecting them i've come to a rather interesting conclusion yet take this with a grain of salt. the cover of issue 6 has some sort of fight scene between cole and a huge yet massive conduit in size,height, muscle structure. some would believe that this is david but in turns out it might not be. i have another pic that is teased at the end of issue 2. moya threating cole to surrender by tommarrow morning and then the "gloves come off". interesting in the scene is moya looking at huge and massive figure in stasis, this guys is the same exact conduit on the cover of issue 6. why? you say here is a more they both have the same height, muscle structure, physical build and mostly facial feature's. the only difference is that they are drawn by two different comic book artist's Ed benes did the cover art for issue 6, while eric ngyuen did the artstyle for every issue. other interesting thing to note is that moya was looking or at least found volunteer's for some kind of experiment. lieutenant poole was replaced because of a 'blood abomorality" which means something was wrong with his DNA and it couldn't be sythensize with other volunteer's dna. he was replaced by a mysterious man but his name wasn't given, issue 6 is the final comic book in the miniseries and the infamous DC's are to lead directly into infamous 2. i could be wrong as i said take it with a grain of salt but this seems logical in some way's so don't come after my head with pitchforks.


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