The Necro Slayer Veteram

aka The Supreme Pilot

  • I live in USA,Washington D.C.
  • I was born on January 14
  • My occupation is Expand my wiki to 150 pages.
  • I am Male
  • The Necro Slayer Veteram

    If you listen to me, can I put pages about Cutscenes of inFAMOUS, their storyboard.

    Are you are Anareiks the leader?

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  • The Necro Slayer Veteram

    After activating the RFI the lighting that hit Cole revived him BUT with lost of memory. Zeke at the boat hearing someone screaming, he opened Cole´s coffin and he was alive. Zeke knew how he got his powers so Cole will be a bike courier again to see if another Ray Sphere or another guy activates it or makes one. As Zeke tough Cole has another Ray Sphere. He activated it (Zeke told him how) and he earns his powers again. The citizens didnt put in his mind that Cole used it to make his powers again. They tought that will be best since they knew that he will do it and it´s the Saint of New Marais, didn´t care. Cole whit new powers searched (same as inFAMOUS1) the guy who doed it. Cole was contacted by Zeke that the government drop food on se…

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  • The Necro Slayer Veteram

    Get off my cloud: How can i know when i succesfuly killed an enemy whit a fall, does it has to appaer High Fall or Have a Nice Fall?

    The Hunger: When i Bio Leech an enemy it has to appaer Dark Feast or Drain or the 2 count towards?

    Please answer my questions.

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  • The Necro Slayer Veteram

    Imagine your Mom and Dad are going to live in diferent houses and you have 2 choices:


    Chose Mom so it doesent Ground you repeatly, but dont buy many games for PS3,XBOX,or PC.


    Chose Dad so it Grounds you repeatly, but let you buy any game in a certain prize.

    Evil for Dad is that it gives you a benefit for you, and if you get grounded as some kids say when they are: "Charlie Operation" means that play in secret when grounded.

    Good for Mom because it doesent grounds you repetly, but, dont buy many games, or even go to see a game you like. And you are whit her more time outside in usual Mom likes, such as go to buy, etc.

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  • The Necro Slayer Veteram

    How do i get the trophy of Hard Finish??

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