Possible inFAMOUS 3 idea

In an alternate timeline.

Two identatical brothers: Adam and Jared Roman were born into a poor low class system together. Throughout their childhood they were best friends. They stayed together nomatter what. All they ever wanted to do is to help the world. Become superheroes they said. They got the chance to be in later life whn they discovered they were conduits. At first they were exicited about thier new abilities but over time the brothers became more and more powerful.

The pair eventually had a massive fallout.

Jared left for years avoiding large cities or high populated places. Over the years he developed a hated for his brother. Every day the brothers grew in strength. Eventually Jared returned to fight his brother. They comenced in what seemed like a never ending battle. The brothers were so powerful that while they wer fighting they were also destroying the world. The battle waged for decades.

Something had to be done before Earth was roasted. So that version of the First sons created a device, similar to the ray sphere except this device was used to open a portal to a prison realm were the twins would be locked. However there was a problem

Even if they could lock the all powerfull brothers the world was already damaged beyond repopulation. So one of the last conduits(yet alone last humans) used their finale energy to travel bac in time back to were the brothers had only just begun fighting. The plan was a suscess and the brothers along with hundres of conduits and ray sphere energy was locked in the prison realm.

More coming soon....

Sorry about grammar or spelling errors.

Canon facts

- After the battle Earth could not destroyed because of the all the radioative fallout along with ray sphere enery( resulting in the plaque) and most continents had been destroyed.

-Millions of ray sphere shards are also ot the prison realm.

Any question ?

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