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I've been meaning to write up a post about this for weeks (yes, weeks), and now I actually have the time to.

I really hope that you guys on here have looked at Sucker Punch Productions' official website. If you've decided to look around, and are the true inFamous fan, you've probably downloaded the fan packages that Sucker Punch has provided for free. Have no idea what I'm talking about? Perfect!
  • Go to Sucker Punch's official website.
    • If you want inFAMOUS stuff, click on the tab (see Image 1)
      • Go down to the downloads (See Image 2)
      • Click on what you want.
    • If you want inFAMOUS 2 stuff, click on the tab (see Image 3)
      • Go down to the downloads (See Image 4)
      • Click on what you want.

The Fan Kits should be very useful considering some of the images we have. I did the same thing with the Sly Cooper series too (Yes, they have a Fan Kit for Sly 3, too) I would've uploaded some of these images a while ago, but I barely have time to type up this blog post.

NOTE: The inFAMOUS Fan Kit takes about 30-60 mins to download (it's 500+ MB worth of stuff!), while the iF 2 Fan Kit takes about 10-15 mins. These were my download times, so I just threw that out there as a precaution

Hope this helps, and if you already knew about it, kudos to you!

 Shrev64  Talk  Contribs  Master Thief  06:03,9/18/2011 

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