After playing the inFamous 2 demo heavily (WalMart FTW!), I've noticed a lot of similarities between what Cole can do in-game and what Sly Cooper (from the Sly Cooper series) can do in-game. This, of course, doesn't surprise me, considering both series are made by Sucker Punch.

  • Cole can walk on wires. Sly can too with X + O
  • Cole can climb poles. Sly can too with X + O
  • Once on top of a pole, Cole will be in a ninja spire position. Sly will be too.
  • Cole can "sneak" along walls of buildings. Sly can too by holding O.
  • Upon pushing L3 (Left Analog Stick) a waypoint is pinged up (Sly Cooper), or electricity sources are found (inFamous). Kinda the same concept. Also, in inFamous, the current mission objective pops up with the L3 button. Again, similar to waypoint pinging.
  • Cole runs the same way Sly does when Sly is running fast.
  • Zeke runs the same way as Murray, the third member of Sly's gang.

In conclusion, inFamous seems to be a more realistic version of Sly Cooper (world-wise). Of course, they can be very different too. If you disagree, please don't yell at me. Just comment nicely.

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