I have an idea about Infamous 3 that would lead to quite the storyline.

Alright, so I've been recently talking about a new hero being a main focus. Since there were more conduits on earth and many of them would be likely to have just as much of an epic storyline as Cole.

So the story would be like this.

It would take place in the future where all conduits have died because of the RFI. A physicist and father of a conduit son tries to send a message to his son (lets name him Steve) in the past. Steve is sent on a quest to defeat Cole and prevent the RFI from being activated and thus preventing the deaths of thousands of Conduits. Steve would later have to go up against The Beast where he had to figure out another way to defeat him. The majority of Steve's story would most likely take place 2 years in the past perhap, where Steve could be given alot of time to prepare for his fight against Cole and the Beast. It could probably take up from 2 to 3 installments from an origin story to the big finale.

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