I want you guys' oppinion about what would happen if Cole Macgrath were to make a crossover with Batman? I've been working on an Infamous story for a UGC mission on FOB that drew close to that of a Frank Millar esque batman flick storyline. I kept thinking it out and drew out what would be a good storyline, a deep storyline, one that would share the same Batman-ish tone back in the original infamous game. I thought of a crossover of Batman and Cole. The story would be improvic by having Batman not really having an appearence but you could tell that it was him because the character itself would be off screen or in the shadows like normal Batman.

I want your oppinion on the idea. I'm hoping that if I get a really positive reception on the idea, I will greenlit it and get started on the development.

There is some other ideas that I want to make into a mission, a short fan comic series, a fan fic, or maybe a fan-film even. I'll post another blog about those ideas another time though. Right now, I just want to know your oppinion on this idea.

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