Hey fellow wikiaers. Thank you for coming to my humble blog! Now for a hard question. Did you like InFamous 1 or 2 better? First of all, let me get my opinion out of the way:InFamous 1. I liked Empire city far better. It's tall city buildings are paradise for a climber. And Kessler was a far better villain. He was so....morbid. Cruel and mysterious, he had far more character quality then the "I want to kill all non conduits" Beast. The whole feel of InFamous was much darker then it's sequal, ands I find that more fun and compelling to play. There was no mystery in Infamous 2, Just a Goal that was achieved at the end. No serious twists. Now to clarify, I don't have anything against IF2, I just happened to think IF1 was the better of the two games. As an afterthought, I liked Cole's voice in the first one better too. The gruff, serious tone was cooler then the decidedly less cool, and kind of nasally, voice of Eric Laden. Well, that's my opinion, so don't don't yell at me cause it differs from your's. Gently give your opinion and get into arguments with each other if you must.

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