Ok, I just found a glitch to get to the gasworks in InFamous 2: Festival of Blood. You go into UGC mission creator and go as far up and right as it will allow. Select "Play mission from here" in the ugc options and then, once playing, immediately use Static Thrusters to glide right towards the shore AWAY from the boat that you see when you start. Head for the gasworks side of the drawbridge. You will have to use Shadow Swarm a few times to get some extra glide time, but be warned, every time you use shadow swarm, you will fly for about half a second and then the screen will go black and will reverse you quickly and go black again, and you will be facing the right way again. Quickly glide for a few seconds and repeat shadow swarm and gliding until you reach solid ground near the bridge. **WARNING** The ground and buildings not in the bridge area are not solid and you will go right through into invisible water below. Going into UGC mode will allow you to go to Flood Town and the Bayou on some solid areas.

Hope you like this glitch! There are even people in this area! Have Fun biting and staking people that you're not supposed to in a place you're not supposed to be! Leave Comments on what you think, please. If you don't believe me, try it! Somebody please comment!

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