Infamous 2 Silv

Hello Chaps and Chapesses!
Here we go.

Talk & Forums
So the magnificent Redexx and The Supreme Diamond-Hooded Eagle have suggested and implemented new talk pages for each article and the new shiny forums, which I’m happy to see are already in use.

Final Piece 1

Chaps I salute you!

Editing Policies
It’s also great to see new editors getting involved, however I have noticed a slip in the quality of the edits and a disregard of the Wiki editing policies (set up by those lovely people at Community Central) I ask all our new editors (and some of our older ones) to re-read the Manual of Style

Keep voting for and nominating article you thing deserve featured status here and keep up the good work everyone!

Ok that’s enough from me!

"Et tu, Brute?"

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