Infamous 2 Silv

Hello Chaps and Chapesses!
Here we go.

With more news coming in about inFamous: Second Son the wiki is busier than it has been in ages, and whilst I'm so happy to see new editor working alongside some seasoned pros I want to just mention a couple of things that's gonna save the admin team from having to hunt you down!

When editing make sure you have good info, something you heard about on a forum doesn't make it fact. We only want to add/edit when we have more info from the Sucker Punch team. I've also noticed edits on some of our older pages that have been in-correct, if your in the middle of a InFamous or InFamous 2 run-through and notice a mistake, then please, edit away, but don't change something cause you don't remember it that way.

When uploading an image to the wiki, weather it be for your own page or for an article page please, please, please, PLEASE! make sure that the file has a name!

For example this image:

IFSS Delsin and Reggie

is called: IFSS Delsin and Reggie.png not 1092345987.png. Also make sure that the image does not already exsist on the wiki, I can not tell you how many times some images have been uploaded (and subsequently deleted!).
I will give warnings to editors that do not follow the wiki rules (Which as always can be read here![1])

And Thank you...
If you don't know me I'm Putowtin and I've been off sick for a while (seriously I've got a doctor's note and everything) so my deepest thanks and admiration has to go out to:

Jim Logan

You've kept the wiki going, something that is extremely close to my heart and I will never forget your kind words and thoughts.

Ok that’s enough from me!

"Work hard to gain your own salvation"

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