Infamous 2 Silv

Hello Chaps and Chapesses!

So lets start things off by announcing that Electric Tuna is now an Administator on our fair wiki, and a fabulous one at that!

All hail Electric and his merciful destruction of spammers!

I've been away for a couple of weeks, (still been keeping an eye on you all though!) so forgive me while I get caught up, however there are a couple of things I want to discuss with you all.

Firstly Blogs, or more importantly the overwhelming amount of "My Idea For InFamous 3" blogs. It seems that people are just dropping by to make their suggestion for iF3, or to belittle someone else’s idea.

Now I'm all for chatting and discussing ideas, but it's now getting out of hand. We have a wonderful inFAMOUS Fanon Wiki [1] where you can write to your hearts content, seriously head over and write the entire script for iF3 if you want! We also have the forums here where long discussions as to the future of the series should go.

My plan is to add something (I know technical!) to the front page re this, and give folks warnings if they start a new blog about it. Let me know what you think.

Secondly and far nicer: Featured Articles! Teenbat recently pointed out that the featured article on the front page had been Nix for ages, well I've changed it but it seems like we only have 3... 3 featured articles on the whole site!

So I've added a few new pages and am introducing the "InFAMOUS Wiki:WikiProject/Featured Article Nominations" (try saying that five times faster!) This is a page set up so we can nominate article we think deserve a shinny badge for being so good!

I'll add a link to the page under our current featured article so it's easy to access, and you chaps get to work creating new and cleaning up existing articles. I'd like it to be something that you've personally revamped, not just changed a word. Add videos and images where needed, then pop it (them) on the list and everyone else can decide if they deserve featured article status! Yes that’s right, we all get to vote!

Ok that’s enough from me!

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Don't ask me how I am! I understand nothing more”

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