Jyggalag Daedric Prince of Order

aka Kesslerbeast

  • I was born on March 6
  • Jyggalag Daedric Prince of Order

    Chapter One: Alden Tate

    I looked outside of my tent and saw that my army was waiting for me. I saw that Kuo had been taken prisoner by the rebels. I asked why they had Kuo held prisoner. They told me to give the power of the beast over to their leader or they would kill Kuo so i did. I helped Kuo up just as their leader who they referred to as the General was about to say something. He told them he had the beast's power and that if anyone challenged his authority that they would be immediately executed. Kuo told me that i could get more powers but that the process was risky. I had kept all of her and Nix's powers not to mention all the powers i got from the blast cores. She showed me a machine that could allow me to have all of my enemies p…

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