"For a moment there was nothing, and then he started to show me things..."
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Okay before someone starts attacking me, going "Dis should go on a Forum!" Look and read what I have to say first okay? 

We all knew the series should've ended with 2. The canon ending with Cole dying and saving the human race wrapped everything up with a nice clean bow. It was a nice send off and it was painfully apparent they didn't want to make another InFamous. In Second Son their lack of interest in making another title slaps you right in the face, right off the bat. The excuse for Bioterrorists being around seven years after Cole died was just pitiful. I know someone's gonna go "They were just making a throw back to the old comic book plot where there was a crappy excuse for everything!"

No I would've much rather not have an excuse then half a half assed one.

Now where can we go from here? Well...there's nowhere to go. There are no more villains to conquer. There are no obstacles to go over. The only thing they can go with now is for Delsin, Abigail and Eugene to try and combat any hate from the citizens. Which would be diving too far into X-Men territory.
However, if Sucker Punch were to go all Oddworld and focus on a different protagonist in different areas of the world each game? I think that would be cool. Like maybe go to the first-ever Conduit, then in the next game play as a Conduit on the run from the DUP. I don't know something to think about.

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