I would like to host a small little game, contest, as the title says, idk wat to call it. But its a little scavnger hunt of sorts, you play InFamous 2, and you find every landmark on the list(optionals are optional) and for rights you will have to record it witha video camera or something. Winner gets a funny fan pic and a userbox.

This user can tell you the exact corrdinates of every majoir location in InFAMOUS 2!
UGC map

Landmarks to find

  1. Bayou where you enter New Marais and the first Karma momment.
  2. The Bar where you enter New Marais.
  3. Wolfe's Lab
  4. Rebel Outpost
  5. The place where u rescue Wolfe from.
  6. Zeke's first New Marais roof.
  7. The Chruch
  8. The Plantation u rescue Kuo from after becoming a Conduit.
  9. Fort Phillipe
  10. The railyard you rescue Cole Jr. from and the place Nix's New Family is taken in.
  11. Bertrands Warehouse from "Exposing Bertrand)
  12. Ice Tower
  13. Bertrands shipment boats
  14. Zeke's Final New Marais roof.

Optional locations

  1. Zeke's second Ascension Parish roof
  2. Zeke's Flood Town Roof
  3. The Rebel's first hideout
  4. The Plauge Ward(destroyed or not)
  5. The place you first meet Nix
  6. The final "Powering up Gas Works" Transformer, where Bertrand captures you.

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