Although I have no screens as of yet(because I don't have a hole lotta proof) but this might be true, as in DC Universe Online(DC made the InFAMOUS Comics), you might be able to create the Conduit we all know and love Cole MacGrath(and possibly Nix & Kuo). If it does appear to be true, I shall post screenshots.

Plus DC Univirse Online is now FREE!


Ok guys, I know this is late, I JUST REMEMBERED THIS so give me a break. In Febuary, a character model of Zeke appeared near the Metropolis Police Department, and really, I was dissapointed, cause he just stood there and glared at u if u were an evil character. In March they edited him that if u were an evil person, he would punch you if you got to close to him. Really, that is all they have done, i dont know if the creators of the game are just tormenting me cause maybe I wanna FIGHT Cole or Zeke.

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