The Death of inFAMOUS..07:12

The Death of inFAMOUS...?

There were rumors about six months ago that Sony was heavily investing in the InFAMOUS series as a part of the PlayStation Originals line, the television and movie additions to their video game franchises, which was kicked off last year with the Ratchet and Clank reboot project, will continue with the Uncharted film set within the game's universe, and eventually The Last of Us, and God of War films. However, after Ratchet and Clank lost Sony a grand total of fifteen million dollars, there was fear the other projects from Originals would be scrapped, with no word on the Sly Cooper reboot from either Sony or Sucker Punch these worries only got worse. In November, Sony executive confirmed they had no plans on abandoning the Originals project, nor were they going to abandon any of their intellectual properties, despite the huge set back of Ratchet and Clank.

However mid-January 2017, it was released that Sony shelved development of the InFAMOUS series after the lackluster reception of Second Son, and Sucker Punch would instead be working on another original property. While this is saddening news, it means there will be no more games for the time being, a new game might not start development until 2020, that doesn't mean we might not get any InFAMOUS material. Sony might keep going with the Originals line and start giving us an InFAMOUS movie and/or television series set within the InFAMOUSverse

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