Infamous 2 Silv


Well guys I seriously just thought of this three seconds before I wrote this blog, it was orginally suppose to be my thoughts on Second Sons but I decided against it because well my idea :P.

My idea is that Playstation All Stars Battle Royal other then being a fighting game really just promoted each of the character's games, like Donte(Dante from DmC:DMC), Kratos for God Of War: Ascension, Sly for Sly Cooper(I forgot the rest of the title). . But what about Cole, why are the Cole's there if they aren't the main character for Second Sons, I mean I know the peeps who made PSASBR were 95% likely to be left in the dark about Deslin and SS but what if Sucker Punch had Cole be there for more then being the face of InFamous?

OK your opinions.

Alright latley ever since InFAMOUS Second Sons was announced there has been excitement, that is expected but there have been several anon's attempting to spread false information or just trying to look smart or whatever but I request that they stop. We here at the wiki enjoy your opinions but when multiple people post the SAME thing over and over again it gets annoying such as you thinking the year in InFAMOUS Second Sons will be 2008 or 2009 or hell 2002 when we have been telling you over and over again it will be set in 2018.

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