I saw a few minor changes to locations in InFamous 2: Festival of Blood.

Rebel Outpost

  1. The Guardtowers were removed
  2. The radio was gone.

Zeke's(first) Roof

  1. The tub was gone
  2. There was a pyre
  3. the tent was gone

The Chruch

  1. The stage was put there.
  2. The Bertrand stage was gone.[1]
  3. the posters supporting Bertrand were gone

The Graveyard

  1. The dead bodies littering the floor of the cemetary were gone
  2. some graves were dug up
  3. a lot more people in there

The City in general

I know you guys can see this for yourselfs but.

  1. decorations and pyres everywhere
  2. Cant access the bayou, Flood Town or Gas Works

Changes to characters

  1. The cops will shoot at you. But they will help you in a fight
  2. No Kuo or Nix
  3. Zeke's glasses are gone
  4. Cole is probably dead for good since Cole isn't around when Zeke was telling the story and kept saying "Cole was a good man"


  1. FoB could be Canon considering when Zeke was narrating Zeke kept saying Cole was a good man. Cole would then appear at the end alive.
  2. Some pedestrians mention the Corrupted.[2]
  3. A few Milita propoganda posters are still up.
  4. A wanted poster for Cole is still up(near Zeke's roof).
  5. The place where Cole fired the nuke, some of the metal is still bent up.
  6. A Rebel possibly appears(although he doesnt have a gun, it is instead replaced by a beer bottle).
  7. Pedestrians will cheer for Cole, despite Cole biting them.

[1]The stage where people are playing music on is probably the Bertrand stage seen in the game, just revamped

[2] Some pedestrians mention the Corrupted when they see Cole bite another person.

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