Well ladies and gentlemen, another great great very great game comes our way entitled. The Last Of Us. Holy crap is this a good game. I've become addicted to it. I've beaten it twice...and you might be asking yourself..."Why is this relavant to InFamous?" Well person who is reading this. HERE'S YOUR ANSWER! While playing the level in Pittsburg(or...the Summer setting...whatever, there's no official name yet.) I saw a [in-game] movie poster entitled "Fame." with a black haired man with electricity emitting from his hands. Now this made me go insane...but for some odd reason, it was only there on the Easy setting(yes I played it on the easy mode, you mad?) Is it a conicidence? Probably. Is Naughty Dog living up to their names? Probably. But it was a fun little easter egg, and a slight nod to the great InFamous series.

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