aka Isiah Rudicel

  • I live in Columbus, Indiana
  • I was born on December 12
  • My occupation is Sitting around, playing any video game I can find!!!!
  • I am Male
  • Isiahrudicel

    -Isiah Rudicel

    [1] Pain Builds Character

    Finish the game on hard difficulty.

    [2] Just One More

    Pick up all the blast shards scattered around New Marais

    [3] Shardcore

    Pick up 50% of blast shards scattered around New Marais.

    [4] Fight the Good Fight

    Unlock the good ending.

    [5] Forging Your Own Path

    Unlock the evil ending.

    [6] Land Lord

    Take over the first island in New Marais.

    [7] It's My Town, Now

    Take over the second island in New Marais.

    [8] Well inFORMED

    Collect all Dead drops.

    [9] Arch Villain

    Earn full negative Karma.

    [10] Incorruptible

    Earn full positive Karma.

    [11] Behind the Curtain

    Collect 50% of the available Dead Drops.

    [12] A Streetcar Named 'Boom!'

    Complete BOOM!

    [13] Quid Pro Kuo

    Complete Leading the Charge.

    [14] Playing Both Sides

    Complete Fooling the Rebels.

    [15] Ambu…

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