"Learn to love the bomb, man!"

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"Sometimes, I hear folks talking about conduits and humans like they're totally different. That's bullshit. Because there ain't no nobody with more humanity, than Cole MacGrath.
I love you brother, and I sure am going to miss you...
Zeke Dunbar

Question we're all asking

Spoiler warning!

Both the inFamous 2's endings are major downers, but here is something that the developers have left off, in case if anyone didn't notice.

In the Hero ending, Zeke had Cole's body loaded into a metal coffin and set sailed into the stormy sea, so he may say goodbye to his best friend alone and lay the Hero to rest, as the ship sailed away into the brewing storm, we see a strong bolt of lightning striking the boat before we see the credits roll(With a song that I'd be honored to have played at my funeral, might I add).

But what many didn't notice, is the question mark formed with the lighting. Could the bolt of lightning be a divine intervention indicating that Cole has been brought back to life? Or was it just a dramatic ending effect that leaves fans to question? Would there be another adventure with our beloved hero? Is he simply gone forever? We may know the answer to this a year or two from now, or we may never know.

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