inFAMOUS was easy enough; once or twice I go pissed an had to turn down difficulty. inFAMOUS 2 was a piece of piss, tho. Still, I thought I should talk about it aswell. I know I'm complaining it's too difficult, I think it was also too unchallenging. I expect more epic fights. Like in inFAMOUS 3, say there were conduits running everywhere. How about every so often, you and another Conduit get locked in a dual. Your powers hit each other and you have to mash a button or something. Think of it as that Priori Incantunum thingie in Harry Potter, where spells hit each other. Maybe, say, if you're an ice conduit and fight another ice conduit, this thing happens. Think it's more epic for inFAMOUS, considering you've got super powers. Of course, for this button mashing thing to be exciting, there would need to be multiplayer. Oh well

Ionic Storm Targeting

Alrighty; do you have a mission, say, where you want the player to hit a person who can't be targetted by an Ionic Storm? Here's my answer. Make a spiker, and make him friendly to any characters you may have. Then stick him behind/inside your poor, unsuspecting target and let the lightning kill him. See, I used this for my mission for the wiki. And for fun, too. An idea for this is to make a robot outta shipping containers and stick bombs to him. Use the spiker thing, make him friendly, stick him on the top of the bot, blah blah blah. Then set bombs, make it so when he dies the bombs explode and hey presto, you've got your suicide bomber 50ft monster!

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