I'm having a geek moment. I found out something Sucker Punch overlooked! When Cole absorbs the blast cores, he's out for a few hours and always wakes up at a different time of the day. Well, when he wakes up after the first core, it's still day! He absorbed the core during the day and woke up during the day. But then again, if someone was shouting 'Run, bitches!' right next to you while firing a hand gun like Zeke was doing, you'd wake up pretty damn quick too.

Publicity for the Wiki

Just thought of something. Someone could make a UGC mission advertising the wiki. I have it all planned. Use spotlights to make a sorta lightshow cat walk, or make a car and a pyramid of boxes, then drive the car into the boxes, or we could do something strange and unusual. My really unusual plan is 2 titans fight each other, (Of course the player will have to be in cutscene mode to make it entertaining) we set the health on the titans to 1, and a rebel with a rocket launcher called Alarieks shoots both of the titans and kill them. Just an idea. I doubt any infamous player doesn't know what the wiki is, but still. Something to do if you have time on your hands :)

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