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  • Hallowseve97

    The Aftermath

    August 1, 2011 by Hallowseve97

    Basically this is my own story of the events after inFamous 2. Basically it will be a play-like story. I add each picture based on the character's you see.

    Zeke: (Looking at the coffin) Hey, buddy. You were a great brother and I'll definently miss you.

    A random storm begins

    Zeke: I just wish their was a way that you coulda lived without dying from the Anti-Ray Sphere.

    A large red flash of light luminates the sea

    Zeke: I am taking you back to Empire City, but it will be a while till people re-populate it. I will keep your body on my old rooftop and I will be left in Empire City with Warden Harms and your body.

    John: (Teleports on to the boat) Hello, Zeke. I have some good news to tell you...I am still the Beast but my goals in life have been chan…

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  • Hallowseve97

    I don't know if any of you care or agree with me but I really liked how gangs worked good with Cole in missions with Corrupted. My brother even made levels like that. I thought and actually cared when a Militia was killed. Discuss...if you want, just stating my two cents.

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  • Hallowseve97

    UGC Missions

    June 12, 2011 by Hallowseve97

    Can someone post under John White's trivia that he is available in UGC but does not attack, he runs away.

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