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  • I live in The Lost City of Atlanis
  • My occupation is Gymnastics Instructor
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    June 18, 2011 by Grim Leaper19

    I was playing inFAMOUS 2 today and got a little bored so I decided to do a little 'Trophy Hunting' and a few side missions. After noticing that one of the trophies titled 'Land Lord' was awarded to those who take full control over the first island by completing all side missions at that island, I decided to go for it. But, even after I had completed all the side missions on that island, there was still one small area that I did not have control of and there was no more missions left to take control of this area. I don't know what to do and I REALLY want to get this trophy, so PLEASE HELP!

    I have also left an image below to show you just what is happening and you will notice that there is one area that has not been controlled yet, and the…

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  • Grim Leaper19

    Zeke's Goodbye

    June 13, 2011 by Grim Leaper19

    At the end of inFAMOUS 2, in the hero (Good karma) ending of the game, it comes to a close with words from Zeke, Explaining what has happened now that Cole had cured the plague and defeated the Beast. So here are the words of Zeke, in the closing minutes of the game. Some words may be incorrect, but I have tried my best to match them. *DO NOT read if you have not yet completed inFAMOUS 2 and want to find out what heppens for yourself.* You have been warned.


    “We all just held our breath and watched, as one by one, them monsters started to drop. Yeah, that RFI worked alright. News said even some folks overseas where keelin’ over. Poor bastards must’a been Conduits and didn’t even know it. But it was worth it. Coz, for the thousands that di…

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