If, once again, I have the wrong idea of what a blog post is meant to be then I apologise for doing this and it would be helpful if someone could tell me where I should have written this, if anywhere.

Anyway, with it being my birthday on the 24th July, I decided to get a PS4 after months of debating whether I should, and whether it would be worth it. (For the record, I haven't played on it much so far to make a judgement on whether it was worth it but I'm sure it will be in the long run, as my PS3 turned out to be).

What this means is that I'll finally be able to play inFAMOUS: Second Son for the first time and possibly be able to contribute more around here. It was certainly the game I first thought about buying for the console and it comes from a series I have really enjoyed in the past too so I hope to enjoy this game just as much. For the meantime, I won't be reading the articles on the Second Son game.

Also on an unrelated note, I updated my wikia name. If I wasn't completely idiotic when I did it (Not really thinking about how it will affect all wikis I visit etc), I wouldn't have chosen another username referencing one series but I'll have to live with this now and I'll get used to it, I'm sure. Hope no one cares (Not that you were going to care anyway haha)

Another unrelated point - I've been on the wiki every week or so but haven't actually contributed for a while, so if you haven't saw me around, don't assume I'm gone again :P

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