It seems like the big question for sucker punch is what now? How can you continue a series that you seemingly ended after a few games. Many people dont think they can continue after killing off Cole but i still think (and hope) that they can. Sucker Punch just joined Sony for full partnership a while ago and sent of the Sly Cooper series to another studio so my only guess is that they are working on another inFAMOUS game at the moment or at the very least brainstorming ideas that could be used in a future game. I'm a huge fanboy for the series (and will honestly buy anything with Cole's face on it) and im just dying to find any new information on the series at hand but sucker punch isnt being interviewed or questioned for it which is pretty understandable for the series at the momment. I came up with a few ideas that could hopefully be close enough to what they are doing. For one thing they coud do a prequel story (like how many series throw in a prequel to further expand the story into a more complex and interesting tale, like how the MGS series did) that has you play as Kessler (aka Cole) in his timeline when he was running away from the beast and then timetraveled and interfered with Cole's (the Cole we know and love) timeline. Another could be Cole being resurected by the lighting that hit after inFAMOUS2's end scene. Im not really sure what else would happen but at least Cole would be alive. Also they could continue with Evil Cole's story even though its not canon.... maybe for another comic book or like how inFAMOUS:FOB was. For the 2nd idea i figured that maybe Cole would go on another journey (after he was resurrected) to travel back in time like kessler did but this time stop kessler's plan all together so nobody would die and life would be normal ending the inFAMOUS series on a good note. Cole would of course retain some of his powers losing a few but gaining more over the course of the game, maybe different ones again like how cole had ice. He'd probably move somewhere new with zeke and disover hidden objects that kessler created with the first sons to gain more powers (or something along those lines) and abilities untill he unlocked time travel (thatd probably be about halfway or towards the end) then hed tack down kessler while foiling the plans of the first sons. Those are just a few ideas.

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