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    Greetings patient inFAMOUS fans!

    E3 is over.  Has been over for a few weeks.  But, hearing a report from someone who went to this year's E3 has given us new hope for the inFAMOUS franchise. 

    According to them- they saw during the test phase for the moniters that several titles appeared, one of them was called "INF:Revenant" while a bolt of lightning flashed on the screen.  Now while this could be just a placeholder title, or maybe even something completely different, it's important to point out that the definition of "revenant" is: "Derived from the Latin word, reveniens, "returning".".

    All of these are just too much of a coincidence to ignore, so it's safe to assume for now that the next title for the inFAMOUS franchise is "inFAMOUS: Revenant…

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  • Electric Tuna

    SP at E3

    June 4, 2012 by Electric Tuna

    Good day to all,

    Eager InFamous fans, get happy because there's a big posibillity that Sucker Punch is going to appear at E3 with a brand new game in the works. It's probably just a rumor but there have been a lot of evidence appearing all over the place, a trailer for InFamous 3 has popped up on youtube and was deleted a short time after that, and Sucker Punch has been looking to hire people who are familliar with multiplayer for games. Either today or tomorrow, SP is most likely going to reveal something so keep your fingers crossed!

    -Ze Electric Tuna

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  • Electric Tuna

    Today! Live today I make it clear what I want or you the fans want, I just got really into the UGC of InFamous 2 and I really want more stuff in there like for instance we could use more NPCs like Kuo and Nix and more things we need are:

    Know what we need more of? Skins, I'm really annoyed that we have less skins in the game. I think we need more skins from InFamous 1, and also adding karma versions would be cool too (Classic Cole) and we think they should be...

    Dustman Skin, classical InFamous villians who don't have nearly as much hype as the Reapers. TRASH BAG OR PAPER BAG HEADS!!!

    The First Sons, You cant deny that these are the coolest villians in the entire game, I would love to walk around with their badass gasmasks on Cole's face. Or th…

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