So I've noticed a pattern with the powers that Sucker Punch has been showing. To me, it looks like they're taking common elemental powers, and branching them off to be more original. The five elements are...

Fire Electricity Earth Air Water

The powers we know are confirmed are smoke and neon.

Fire: Smoke

InFAMOUS Second Son-Delsin smoke swirling night

Neon: Electricity

Tumblr mrut5pX7yR1rp5oiro2 250

These are my predictions for the other 3 (assuming there are only 5 power sets)

Earth: Concrete

I predict this because the DUP use this ability. While I'm on the subject, why not talk about how the DUP gains these powers. In my eyes, there is only one way they got these abilities. The DUP built a transfer device and remodeled to where the person doesn't go insane. My guess would be Delsin frees the conduit who gave them these powers, and absorbs the powers of concrete.

Water: Unsure

I am almost certain there will be some sort of water power because of all the rain and water located in Seattle. The problem is, what power? I don't think it would be ice, because it is a common power, and it was used in the last game. Water is too basic, so it's unlikely they used that as a power set. My other idea was mist, but that's basically smoke, and they'd have a hard time coming up with a way to absorb more power.

Air: Unsure, might not be implemented.

This is the hard one. If some sort of branch of air was implemented, it would most likely be a power set focused on stealth and moving around. But what power in specific would they add? I've thought about this a lot, and I always come back to telekinesis. It seems random, but think about it. Levitation, moving things with your mind, the whole nine yards. And I know who Delsin would get the power from. If you played the original Infamous, then you should remember the boss fight with Alden. He jumps off the bridge, but most likely survives because he's not a normal human being.

That concludes my article. What kind of powers do you think Delsin will have? Leave a comment letting me know.

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