Make a conduit

We all know infamous second son is coming up early 2014 right? Probably the same time the trailers of the infamous movie would show up. Anyway try making conduits here, either what powers you would want, or some character from another franchise or just an original character.

Try to be creative and not be too similar to someone.

Let me make an example,

Time related

  • Melee - Square - Jabs enemy and ends when their knocked away
  • Interact - Triangle
  • Dodge ability - Circle - Teleports a short distance
  • Base range Attack - R1 - Throw Knife
  • Misc Spec Abilities - Up Directional keypad - Slow down time. Allows faster movement
  • Ultimate Ability - Down Directional keypad - First aim with Triangle, then stops time around that. Billion of knives would appear and shred anything inside, defeating any enemy be it organic or vehicle
  • Flight and Mobile Ability - L2 hold - When on ground runs at a fast speed
  • Disadvantage - (For example, Cole needs to drain electricity, and Delsin smoke.) Energy of time requires standing still

Just an example, try to be creative with your own conduits

Have fun

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