This blog would be dedicated to Cole MacGrath and all his awesome feats. I'll be posting all the abilities he was able to do and be trying to calculate some of his feats. If you think I missed anything please tell me


Cole MacGrath is not just a simple human. He is a conduit.

Easily above human levels, Cole regularly takes bullets and rockets, and keeps on fighting. A point blank explosion from a rocket knocked him away, but barely fazed him (Evidence-First Meeting with Alden Tate). He was also crushed by a building before, mainly Alden's tower, which only stunned him, the impact barely fazing him (Climbing up Alden's Tower). Before even getting his powers, Cole survived being run over by a freight truck. An accident that should've killed him, yet he recovered in a few days. (inFamous DC comics) That durability was in the past, and since a conduit's body just further evolves. This means Cole is above that level

Cole also survived the Ray Sphere Blast, which was capable of destroying six city blocks. Although conduits have natural resistance to it, it was clear that Cole was harmed by the power transfer

Cole also has the ability to harness electricity on his body without being harmed much. It should've outright killed him yet Cole is utilizing electricity that he absorbed on his body.

In terms of mobility, Cole is fast. He sprints and doesn't seem to have an end in his stamina, especially with electricity around. Cole was also able to dodge machine gun fire (First attempt to escape Empire City), barely being hit and managing to get through all those machine gun fire. Cole is also capable in parkour, evident as he showed capability to leap off wide gaps on buildings (New Marais Flashback). This still applies as Cole still climbs over buildings with ease, vaulting, pulling himself up and doing walljumps.


After the Ray Sphere Blast, Cole gets his first powers. During that first time, Cole was able to overload four targets, causing all of them to explode (one is a car). With a bit of focus, he was able to do that.

Afterwards, Cole, after channeling energy, was able to summong lightning strikes all around him. Enough to destroy the remains of the bridge. This was while he was heavily injured and he didn't need to focus and instead can run when the lightning storm began

(Will edit as time passes)

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