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  • CoreOfimBalance(COB)

    This blog would be dedicated to Cole MacGrath and all his awesome feats. I'll be posting all the abilities he was able to do and be trying to calculate some of his feats. If you think I missed anything please tell me

    Cole MacGrath is not just a simple human. He is a conduit.

    Easily above human levels, Cole regularly takes bullets and rockets, and keeps on fighting. A point blank explosion from a rocket knocked him away, but barely fazed him (Evidence-First Meeting with Alden Tate). He was also crushed by a building before, mainly Alden's tower, which only stunned him, the impact barely fazing him (Climbing up Alden's Tower). Before even getting his powers, Cole survived being run over by a freight truck. An accident that should've killed him…

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  • CoreOfimBalance(COB)

    We all know infamous second son is coming up early 2014 right? Probably the same time the trailers of the infamous movie would show up. Anyway try making conduits here, either what powers you would want, or some character from another franchise or just an original character.

    Try to be creative and not be too similar to someone.

    Let me make an example,

    Time related

    • Melee - Square - Jabs enemy and ends when their knocked away
    • Interact - Triangle
    • Dodge ability - Circle - Teleports a short distance
    • Base range Attack - R1 - Throw Knife
    • Misc Spec Abilities - Up Directional keypad - Slow down time. Allows faster movement
    • Ultimate Ability - Down Directional keypad - First aim with Triangle, then stops time around that. Billion of knives would appear and sh…

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