Hello there my loyal bloggers as Many of you may be aware a DLC has been announced for Infamous 2 titled Festival of Blood in which Vampires take over New Marais and Cole MacGrath is turned into a vampire with 24 hours to kill the head vampire and return to human form or else be a vampire forever. I ask you one simple question... WHAT THE FREAK IS GOING HERE?!

What is going to happen?: Will Cole's vampirism force him to Feed on innocents? Will his Karma be locked at Infamous? And most importantly, Is this how Cole is going to ressurected for Infamous 3? And who or what are theses vampires?: The classic supernatural interpretation? Some conduit's attempt to cheat death? Another of Bertrands living super weapons? SO many questions running through my BRAIN it's going to EXPLODE!!!

Faints...thud... "I'm ok".

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