• Brandon Storm9

    Hello there my loyal bloggers as Many of you may be aware a DLC has been announced for Infamous 2 titled Festival of Blood in which Vampires take over New Marais and Cole MacGrath is turned into a vampire with 24 hours to kill the head vampire and return to human form or else be a vampire forever. I ask you one simple question... WHAT THE FREAK IS GOING HERE?!

    What is going to happen?: Will Cole's vampirism force him to Feed on innocents? Will his Karma be locked at Infamous? And most importantly, Is this how Cole is going to ressurected for Infamous 3? And who or what are theses vampires?: The classic supernatural interpretation? Some conduit's attempt to cheat death? Another of Bertrands living super weapons? SO many questions running thr…

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  • Brandon Storm9

    A bit of my continuation of my previous blog post, appropriately if not bluntly titled "Well that Sucked...".

    As those whom have read my previous blog post must know the good ending of InFamous 2 results in the death and possible resurection of Cole MacGrath. I write this post asking you one simple question. What Happens Next?

    Does the government take Cole's and John's body's and Sebastians research and revive Cole and John as a living breathing super weapons?

    Is InFamous 3 going to be a prequel focusing on the late Kessler instead of Cole, as he works to prepare his past self for his encounter with The Beast.

    Or is the next game going to focus on entirely new Conduits who somehow survived the Ray Field Inhibitor (I:E clones created from decea…

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  • Brandon Storm9

    For any of you who have yet to complete InFamous 2 I suggest you don't read this because you won't believe me.

    I just saw the ending for infamous 2 either Cole turns into the monster he was trying to kill, evil, or he kills himself and every Conduit on earth, good, those are sucky options. And what about Infamous 3 the Developers have been bragging about allow me to spell it out for you:

    Either A you play as the BAD GUY, Forcibly if I may add.

    B you play as a new charactor altogether (that still sucks)

    or C Cole is some how revived, the ONLY option that would give Infamous 3 a SHREAD of hope.

    We must start a campaign to BRING BACK COLE all in favor post EYE, all against, NAY (curse you nay sayers.)

    UPDATE: Allow me to state my theory on the matt…

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  • Brandon Storm9

    Ice Men

    April 15, 2011 by Brandon Storm9

    I just watched the New Infamous 2 trailer which features a aparently evil side mission titled Forced Conduits and a good side mission titled Demons.

    In Forced Conduits the Cybernetically augmented creatures that were seen as the guards for Kuo's cell during the Save Kuo mission where finally identified, The Ice Men who shares Kuo's ice powers and based on the title of Forced Conduits are also Conduits who were experimented on like Kuo. They Subsequently escape during the save Kuo Mission and are potently peeved at the citizens of New Marais and the Militia. Also based on this trailer the individual we previously identified as the "New Villain" is actually a higher calibur iceman much like the Golems of the Dustmen (ideals for renaming the n…

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