Since Infamous 2 Festival of blood is not canon i thought that Sucker Punch could do some really Tank DlCs For Infamous 2. A Zombie based dlc i thought would be pretty cool. I.g : New Marias Has been put in a two week quarantine were Cole Zeke and the Rebels along with Civilians are staying in fort Phillip. The swamps are owned by the Militia who as per usual have been driving round steeling found and intentionally making life harder for the groups In New Marias Struggling to survive. You can go out of fort phillip attempt to rescue the groups and get food and medicine for the growing population of people in the Fort but to do so you must make it past the the thousands of Zombies and Corrupted. The story counts down the week you were stuck inside the quarantine and your struggle to survive and live with the pedestrians starting to lose there minds.

So what do you Wiki People think would be some cool DLC ideas.

I.G :

Skins like Cole with hair or more missions.

Werewolves or whatever

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