Here is a idea of how i thaught Infamous 3 could be written.

So basically after Infamouses 2 conclusional canon ending. So Cole wakes up after being revived by a large genetic company something like Gentek. Cole escapes from cryo suspension and after escaping the facility ends up. (BTW. This Cryo suspension could create a reason why Cole powers can be reset to the basics. So he escapes to find the at least one hundred and thirty six years have past. Everyone the that he know is dead and conduits are know a widely known fact. A private military corporation has been hunting conduits down for decades.. So after a few missions in the new futuristic envolving a major gang he finds an undergroung cult were conduits have been hiding. This serves as the same role as the rebels in Infamous 2. So the gameplay and story envolves : Cole discovering over time what happend during the time he was in cryo, The mystery of Gentek and the military corperation.

Other Information

-Gentek has been creating there own conduits and other genetic experaments that can serve as boss fights and people Cole can meet.

-Cole was not the only major conduit to escape the facility. A dangerously insane conduit with massive power that builds up the final boss fight.

-Dead drops are recording of gentek workers. These can include information about Cole, the conduits they have made, People related to Cole E.G Kuo, Nix, Zeke, The beast, Kessler and so forth

-Cole meets a conduits Marcus who replases the now deceased Zeke. He lives with Cole and the other Conduits. He has skills with firearms and the ability to teleport in order to keep up with Cole while he is moving.

Please coment with your opinions.

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