Hey Wiki People. There was a compettion announced resently on Facebook and on The Suckerpuch Home Page about a contest that you can win by creating a brilliant UGC Mission. I dont know how to think things so i just copied the info.

By Creating a Narrative Infamous 2 UGC Story( Narrative Label Must be included without any follow up missions) You could win $ 1000 dollars worth of Playstation store credits, A Good and Evil Karma Cole Statues, a signed Copy Of Infamous 2 and your mission featured as part of the main story in Infamous 2. Second prise awards include $ 100 dollars worth of Playstation STore credit and there missions included in the infamous 2 story.

Winning Conditions : Must be made after this Announcement and have the label Narrative along with 4.5 stars and 15 Reviews.

Visit the Suckerpunch Facebook page or the Infamous 2 website.

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