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  • Bonoguy

    Infamous 3 Plot Idea

    February 1, 2012 by Bonoguy

    Here is a idea of how i thaught Infamous 3 could be written.

    So basically after Infamouses 2 conclusional canon ending. So Cole wakes up after being revived by a large genetic company something like Gentek. Cole escapes from cryo suspension and after escaping the facility ends up. (BTW. This Cryo suspension could create a reason why Cole powers can be reset to the basics. So he escapes to find the at least one hundred and thirty six years have past. Everyone the that he know is dead and conduits are know a widely known fact. A private military corporation has been hunting conduits down for decades.. So after a few missions in the new futuristic envolving a major gang he finds an undergroung cult were conduits have been hiding. This serves a…

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  • Bonoguy

    Infamous 2 Zombie Blood.

    October 22, 2011 by Bonoguy

    Note This Is Fiction And purely Fanbase

    A disease spread into New Marias. Turning People into dead human eating freaks. At first it was contained to due to its low numbers and the Militia beating them up for there physopathic fun. This didnt last long eventually they took over 70 percent of the population was ever dead or had been infected into brainless freaks. Me and Zeke along with the Rebels rounded up as many of civilians that we could but before we could escape the government locked us in until further notice. Over the last few weaks we've been forced to stay in Fort Phillippe. Things are bad, these people cant stay in here much longer, food is short. Things Are turning bad.

    Day 29 of the Zombie Quarantine.

    Cole leaned againsted a old b…

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  • Bonoguy

    Since Infamous 2 Festival of blood is not canon i thought that Sucker Punch could do some really Tank DlCs For Infamous 2. A Zombie based dlc i thought would be pretty cool. I.g : New Marias Has been put in a two week quarantine were Cole Zeke and the Rebels along with Civilians are staying in fort Phillip. The swamps are owned by the Militia who as per usual have been driving round steeling found and intentionally making life harder for the groups In New Marias Struggling to survive. You can go out of fort phillip attempt to rescue the groups and get food and medicine for the growing population of people in the Fort but to do so you must make it past the the thousands of Zombies and Corrupted. The story counts down the week you were stuck…

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  • Bonoguy

    (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS !!!!!) BonoGuy Here. I just watched a FESTIVAL OF BLOOD demo trailer narrated by a Suckerpunch Animation Director Billy Harper.

    So New Powers include a ionic ability were you can turn into bats and fly around the city of New Marias. Instead of recieving Ionic Charge you have a corrupt meter that fills up draining blood from cilvilians. You also have a new ability were you can see the world as a vampire. ( MAkes peoples skeleton see through). The City and its people have been redesighned. The city know has large bonfires and darker alleys. And other features that are included with a dark festival. There are also dark catacoms below New Marias similar to the sewers in the first game. Your amp was stolen when you were kid…

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  • Bonoguy

    Hey Wiki People. There was a compettion announced resently on Facebook and on The Suckerpuch Home Page about a contest that you can win by creating a brilliant UGC Mission. I dont know how to think things so i just copied the info.

    By Creating a Narrative Infamous 2 UGC Story( Narrative Label Must be included without any follow up missions) You could win $ 1000 dollars worth of Playstation store credits, A Good and Evil Karma Cole Statues, a signed Copy Of Infamous 2 and your mission featured as part of the main story in Infamous 2. Second prise awards include $ 100 dollars worth of Playstation STore credit and there missions included in the infamous 2 story.

    Winning Conditions : Must be made after this Announcement and have the label Narrati…

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