Sucker Punch has recently showed an interest in getting workforce which, if we know anything from past experiences from the time of Second Son, means that it's confirmed: Sucker Punch is making a new game.

Now weather or not this is an inFAMOUS game is as of yet unknown, but luckly we did get a little more info. As stated here, they're looking for a professional that can deliver a digital punch and make it look good. The fact that they mentioned that it's third-person view makes it a little closer to be an inFAMOUS game, and looks like they're going back to the fist-fight action of the first game, and this is no ancient thing at all with even the newest installment, First Light, having it. Melee was always a factor in the inFAMOUS games so this is getting us closer to confirmation.

It's also evedent that it's a PS4 game with them seeking a person with at least 4 years of experience and a past AAA project, as opposed to them using their usual team that learns new stuff as time passes (seriously, making a game with 30-40 people is AWESOME).

New Sucker Punch AAA game for the PS4 in the making: confirmed

That game is in the inFAMOUS series: not confirmed

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