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  • My occupation is Playing jazz and kicking ass
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  • Blueexx

    Alright, so SP is making a new game and considering they're using mostly the same members of their team during the development of Second Son, it's obviously an InFamous game. I have some new info.

    Apparently the game will be bringing back InFamous 2's up-close-and-personal melee combat, and we might actually get back to using our hands instead of chains or something else cheesy. About a few month ago, they announced that they were looking for 5 new positions in their team. One was Combat Designer, and they kept talking about fist-to-fist fights and making it look ultra realistic. That I like to hear. They also mentioned the game will be third-person (InFamous), open-world (InFamous), and kept comparing it to (you guessed it) InFamous. Not j…

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  • Blueexx

    Sucker Punch has recently showed an interest in getting workforce which, if we know anything from past experiences from the time of Second Son, means that it's confirmed: Sucker Punch is making a new game.

    Now weather or not this is an inFAMOUS game is as of yet unknown, but luckly we did get a little more info. As stated here, they're looking for a professional that can deliver a digital punch and make it look good. The fact that they mentioned that it's third-person view makes it a little closer to be an inFAMOUS game, and looks like they're going back to the fist-fight action of the first game, and this is no ancient thing at all with even the newest installment, First Light, having it. Melee was always a factor in the inFAMOUS games so …

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