Greetings Infamous Wiki users. I'm Bcraggen and I would like to propose a theory to anyone who would like to listen or help find Empire City in inFamous 2.

First off, listen to my hypothesis. I believe that the map file used for Empire City in the beginning of inFamous 2 is the same map file as New Marais. At the edge of New Marais it is surrounded by trees, blocking your view. The UGC Tools can help very much with getting to the outer borders of the map. I have traveled (Using moving physics UGC Tools) to the outer reaches of every edge of the map. From the edge of the top, bottom, and left sides usually I could see the edge of the New Marais map. The right side however, tends to send you back to New Marais much faster and I have never seen the actual end of the map in that direction.

Now is where I need your help. I have successfully gotten under the map of New Marais. I have published the mission and it is named "Infamous Wiki EC Hunt" What you do is remix the mission, play from start, die, then you will spawn underground. Press start and edit current mission. Your UGC cursor will now be under the map of New Marais. I have not fully explored the possibilities of this glitch or whatever you want to call it. Any help is welcome.

If you do find Empire City, place "Headphones" and set them to "When Mission Starts" "Always". Then make a dialog box with settings "Pop-Up" "1 second" and connect "Headphones" to the dialog box. Then make a "Mission Checkpoint" in Empire City and connect the dialog box to the "Mission Checkpoint" after these steps publish your mission and inform the InFamous Wiki.

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