I loved InFamous 2. I really enjoyed it. However I had one hell of a big disappointment with the game, in fact it's my only big disappointment, is the Beast. I thought how he appeared was good, I thought having John as the Beast was good. I thought his motivation for doing what he was doing was very good. However, it's the fact that he was not utilized to the story as much as he should of been. I know the whole story revolves around Cole getting stronger to defeat the Beast, but John's presence in the game seems so minor.

I never really felt as if there was any threat. The characters never seem to fear him, there never seems to be a big fear of him. Though my biggestest disappointment with him was the boss battle towards the end. Now, if you want to end a game on a boss battle, at least make it a good one. Kessler's boss battle at the end of InFamous was great at doing this. The whole game had led up to that moment and it was a great fight. However, John is defeated so easily in the final mission.

I simply feel Sucker Punch could have done a lot more with John and made him more of a threat. Though, I never really seen this topic discussed before, and I'm really interested in what people thought of the way they executed the Beast. Did you think he was threatening? Did you think he could of been utilized to the story more? How do you think the Beast could of been better? And so on...

Thank you for reading. Assassino de Roma 15:41, September 12, 2011 (UTC)

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